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How to track your own computer.

In your daily life if you suspect that somebody can access your computer in your absence then there is a way by which you can track that who accessed your computer behind you and what work has been done by him. Sometimes we apply password to protect our pc but this cannot work all the […]

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Save your favorite Content on Web.

If you are searching on web then you sometimes find useful content that you may wants to watch later for this purpose we use bookmark where a bookmark is a uniform resource identifier that is used for later retrieval any saved web pages .this is included in all current browsers it is also called internet […]

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What is wireless communication and its uses

Many of us use mobile phones to communicate with one another at work, at home or for our convenience from just about anywhere we are! We can call mobile as a part of our life. Even according to the news which came across is :” But we do not take care about the hazards which […]

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What is Wireless Battery Charger and its application

Day by day emerging technologies are making are life much easier. Invention of mobile phones has changed the life of the people rapidly. Their are many advancement in the mobile phones are made . Development is Growing , advancement is growing ,technologies are growing but still we do rely on the wired mobile battery charger. […]

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What is Endoscopy and its application?

Description: Endoscopy is a method or process to inspect the internal organs like stomach and gastro intestinal test of the body. It works on the principle of fiber optic communication by using fiber optic cables with fiber optic technique. Fiber optic cable is simply a bundle of microscopic glass or plastic fibers that literally allows […]

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What is Scar and its types?

Description: A scar is defined as the residual visible mark of a wound. Almost all the wounds result in scars.a wound becomes a scar at the time that it is epithelialised. In the early stage, the epithelium is thin and easily damaged by accidental abrasion. As time advance the scar remains red for some months […]

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In vitro-fertilization

The process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body in glass is known as in vitro fertilization. In this process ovum or ova (egg or eggs) removed from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a liquid in a laboratory. After it fertilized egg or zygote is cultured for […]

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1) Internet Explorer – a default Web Browser in Windows by Microsoft we all have been using since 1995 until other browsers came into light like GoogleChrome or Mozilla Firefox. 2) Till IE 11 was landed with Windows 8.1 but now Microsoft is planning to replace it with a new Web Browser in Windows 10 […]

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How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline

1) Google has given gift to its YouTube users or music lovers to watch videos offline when no Internet or Low speed of Internet is available especially to INDIAN users as well asin Indonesia or the Philippines for now. 2) But this facility is only available on Android OS, IOS not on Windows OSetc. 3) […]

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