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What port does Kerberos use?

What is Kerberos: Kerberos is a computer network authentication protocol that works on the basis of tickets to allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner.

Why Kerberos is needed. Kerberos has two purposes: security and authentication. … In addition, it is necessary to provide a means of authenticating users: any time a user requests a service, such as mail, they must prove their identity.

Port that uses Kerberos:-Kerberos is primarily a UDP protocol, although it falls back to TCP for large Kerberos tickets. This may require special configuration on firewalls to allow the UDP response from the Kerberos server (KDC). Kerberos clients need to send UDP and TCP packets on port 88 and receive replies from the Kerberos servers.


Author: Renu Pareek