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Relief to cane growing formers by Govt.

Govt. has sanctioned soft loan of Rs. 6000 crores to sugar mills to pay dues of sugar cane growing formers. The pending dues of farmers from sugar factories have reached alarming figure of Rs.21000 crores. The sugar factories could not pay these arears because of great difference in selling price of sugar and cost of […]

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National Investment & Infrastructure Fund (NIIF)

In June with announcements made in budget 205-16, Govt. is making necessary planning to fund and amount of Rs. 20, 0000 crores in National Investment & Infrastructure Fund (NIIF). Govt. is planning to invest some of the dividend income from Public Sector Undertakings in this fund. The estimated income from dividends during the year 2015-16 […]

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Turnover of Amul crosses Rs.20, 000 crores

Amul is a pride name in co-operative sector known worldwide for milk and milk products. Owner of Amul is Gujrat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) Anand, Gujrat. Its turnover crossed Rs.20,000 crore and went to Rs.20,735 crores during financial year ending 31.03.2015 with a growth rate of 14.28% over previous year. This turnover of Amul […]

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Increase in NPA’S of farm loans – a worry for Public Sector Banks

Public sector banks are worried about increasing Gross NPA’S under farm loans. The Gross NPA’S of such banks for the quarter ending March 2013 were 5.25% of total farm loans advanced. Such figures went up to 6.05% for the quarter ending Dec.2014. In the month of March /April 2015, unseasonal rains and hail storms had […]

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New trend of keeping more officers & less clerks in banks

A Good scene is emerging in banks where number of clerks is decreasing and number of officers is increasing. There is a change in hiring trends of bank as ten years back, banks used to hire 38% officers, but now, banks hire officers to the extent of 52%. Most of the private sector banks now […]

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Disinvestment in 2015-16

Disinvestment in simple words refers to sale of Government’s stake in public sector undertakings to arrange money for budgetary requirements. Government of India has set a target of Rs 41000 crores through disinvestment during financial year 2015-16. The first such disinvestment was announced in Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) on 7th April 2015 when sale of […]

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Correlation coefficient between two variables X and Y.

Correlation Definition: If changes in one variable affect the other variable then these variables are known as correlated. Like temperature and cold. If temperature increase then cold decrease and if temperature decrease then cold increase. So any change in temperature also affect cold. So Temperature and cold are known as correlated. Types of Correlation:- 1. […]

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Toolbars and Menus in Microsoft Excel

Toolbars and Menus : A menu displays a list of commands. A menu (or drop-down menu) is the way in which actions can be performed. Some of these commands have images next to them so you can quickly associate the command with the image. Most menus are located on the menu bar, which is the […]

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What is Hacking? And different types of hacking.

Hacking….The one of best interesting topic for IT person. Exactly what is hacking? In computer networking system, hacking is the technical effort of changing, modifying, manipulating the behavior of network connection and the connected Device. The person who goes for hacking has known as a Hacker. Hacking done on the computer network by writing some […]