Research Projects

  1. Sensing in Briefcase : The Students of BISMA along with the students of Biyani Girls college are working on the project Sensing in Briefcase. This project is useful for Hotels, Restaurants, Universities, Colleges, Schools etc. for on the spot identification of heavy metals & other pollutants in food and water samples.
  2. Portable Health Clinic : PHC is a small movable clinic which facilitates advanced telemedicine and online consultancy of expert doctors. The PHC Box, Health Entrepreneur, PHC Application/Website, Server System and Doctors at Call Center. Till 600 People has been examined since Feb 2016.                                               
  3. Early Detection & Awareness of Oral and Breast Cancer : MoU has been signed with INCTR India (International network for cancer treatment & research) which is in a official relation with World Health organization. It is dedicated for cancer research and Treatment in developing countries. BISMA students, Biyani Nursing college, and INCTR India has conducted preliminary pilot feasibility study in three villages to test the methodology to be adopted for extensive penetration and impact of drives regarding cancer awareness and early detection of oral and breast cancer.