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First “C” Program

In your first C program, you are going to understand the following things in your program- 1. a pre-processor directive that must be present in all your C programs. 2. a simple C function used to write information to your screen. 3. how to add comments to your programs This is a very basic C […]

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Type of Research

1) Exploratory or formative or preparatory Research – Areas covered about which no information is available currently. No research has been undertaken so far on the subject under study. That’s way it is called formative research. Besides building hypothesis, this research also helps in developing new hypothesis. Steps –  Study of related literature  […]

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Description about Research Process

1) Formulating the Research problem –  Based on area of interest identify the problem.  After discussing with colleagues & seniors so as to avoid repetition.  After consulting available literature on the subject. 2) Study of literature –  After defining the problem, researcher should prepare a bibliography of literature concerning the subject. […]

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Modeling in Operation Research

A model is defined as a representation of real life system whether such system refers to a problem, process, operations or events. Models enable us to experiments more effectively than on the system itself which is either impossible or too costly. Advantages of a model –  Describes problem concisely.  Systematic & logical approach […]

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Wireless Network Security Threats

As the name suggests, wireless networks, sometimes called WiFi, allow you to connect to the internet without relying on wires. If your home, office, airport, or even local coffee shop has a wireless connection, you can access the network from anywhere that is within that wireless area. Security threats are associated with wireless networks: Because […]

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What is Cyber Security

It seems that everything relies on computers and the internet now — communication (email, cellphones), entertainment (digital cable, mp3s), transportation (car engine systems, airplane navigation), shopping (online stores, credit cards), medicine (equipment, medical records), and the list goes on. How much of your daily life relies on computers? How much of your personal information is […]

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Guidelines for publishing Information on the Internet

Internet is so accessible and contains a wealth of information; it has become a popular resource for communicating, for researching topics, and for finding information about people. It may seem less intimidating than actually interacting with other people because there is a sense of anonymity. However, you are not really anonymous when you are online, […]

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Description about E-Governance

Online working of a government or providing its services online to its citizens at their door step is known as E-Governance. E-Governance is E-Commerce technology means online availability of government services. Today’s is the world of change and revolution. Things which are not dynamic are considered as mortal. The rise of e-government has been one […]

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Real Time Transport Protocol

RTP provides end-to-end network transport functions suitable for applications transmitting real-time data, such as audio, video or simulation data, over multicast or unicast network services. RTP does not address resource reservation and does not guarantee quality-of-service for real-time services. The data transport is augmented by a control protocol (RTCP) to allow monitoring of the data […]