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We are coming before you with a message. As we all know that women are working in different role in their colorful life. In childhood and teenage, She is caring as mother and rest of the life as wife.

So it is very essential for the overall development of a child to become youth of the future. It is only possible through the education of women specifically with technical education & qualification so that she can guide correct path to the coming generation with ethics, morals, character and value addition of the life. We all know that a child is enjoying 95% part of the life, since birth in association with mother, so it is very important to know about the importance of education of woman. So all these tell that woman is the creator of this world.

In my opinion if a woman is employed happily, wherever the family requires to do so than she is fully empowered to boost the morale of her family and the society. No doubt, employment of women is possible only through technical education so our mission is empowerment of women through technical education, so that overall development of family/ society/ state/country/ world can be possible. This shows that

If woman will be educated then it is possible that
Family will be educated & developed ***
If family will be educated then it is possible that
Society can be educated & developed ****
If society will be educated then it is possible that
State/country will be educated & developed *****
If the state/country will be educated then
Whole world will be educated & developed **

In this way Biyani Group of Colleges are coming before you with a chain of colleges. I finally appeal all the students that please join our hands, so that we all can go ahead for this movement.

With warm wishes
Shri Rajeev Biyani