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Dear Students,

In my opinion delivery of knowledge is not sufficient in present scenario. I think apart from normal education, other areas of practical life are extremely important like:

(i) IT awareness among students.
(ii) Development of communication skill.
(iii) Enhancement of interpersonal skill.
(iv) Development of positive thinking.
(v) Exposure to group discussions.
(vi) Tips and Techniques for facing winning interviews.
(vii) Awareness of International developments and know-how.

So far achievement of above targets, we have developed very specific and dynamic programmes for the coming session which is known as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) programme. It is compulsory for each student to attend IDE lectures every Saturday during entire academic session.

Further, I strongly believe that education without values are like fruits without flavour. So far enhancement of values among our students, we will try our best to develop approach of Mahatma Gandhi, i.e. Truth and Transparency in our daily life.

I congratulate faculty and students for commendable achievements. I hope that it will be repeated in the forthcoming session. No doubt I can assure you that if you join Biyani Girls College, it would be the turning point for you to achieve real success and overall goals of your life.

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With warm wishes
Dr. Sanjay Biyani