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What are the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) can be a connection of everyday used things to the Internet and to each other, with the goal being to provide users a smarter and more efficient experience. Some recent examples of IoT products include the Nest Protect smoke detector and August door locks. The basic concept behind these words is that a complete group of daily used things is being designed with built-in wireless connectivity, so that they can be monitored, controlled and linked over the Internet via a mobile app. As long as the IoT category expends and the things become more complicated, one can imagine a situation where your fitness tracker detects that you have fallen asleep and then automatically turns off your TV and lights. Or before moving to the road, your car could pull up your work calendar and automatically provide the best route to your meeting place or send a note to related members if you are going late.

How IoT does works: – First there is the basic technology, the various wireless radios that allows these devices to connect to the Internet and to each other. These include well known standards like Wi-Fi, low energy Bluetooth etc.
One of the best known examples is the Nest Thermostat. This Wi-Fi connected thermostat allows you to remotely adjust the temperature via your mobile phone and also learn your behavioral patterns to create a temperature –setting schedule. The potential value is that you can save money on your utility bill by being able to remotely turn off your conditioner, which you forget to do before leaving the house. There is also convenience factor. Nest can remember that you want to turn down the temperature before going to bed and can automatically do that for you at a set time.


Author: Dr. Poonam Sharma